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This is the story everyone's farting for!
Short Blurb

Fart Watch uses your iPhone as the speaker and your Apple Watch as the remote control. We've packed dozens of high-quality, lossless fart sounds into one tiny device! Coming soon to Apple Watch!

The Release

This is the app everyone's making a big stink about! When it comes to Apple Watch apps, these guys have a silent but deadly plan to breathe a breath of fresh air into the lingering gag market...

Featuring a full suite of customizable options, the Fart Watch app will revolutionize fart sound delivery in a beautifully designed and intuitive interface. Fart Watch is the creative lovechild of Andrew Slaughter and Daniel Haaser and was awarded the prestigious Audience Choice Award at the Fall 2014 Watchkit Hackathon. Its highly anticipated release has garnered media attention from over 4 people.

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They're bigger when downloaded (that's what she said)

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